Your Love Rains Poetry Over Me

let your downpour deliver ecstasy 🙂
I cant get enough, beautiful!

The Lonely Author

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Your Love Rains Poetry Over Me


In search of the sweetest oasis
I’m parched from drinking sand
After an arid life sadly roaming
Lonely deserts as love demands

Your arrival was a major storm
As wet metaphors matted my hair
And a precipitation of pink passion
Left us a quivering shivering pair

Douse me with your tender verses
As your love rains poetry over me
Immersed in the bliss of your oasis
Let your downpour deliver ecstasy


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The Space Between You and Me

The Lonely Author


A few facts before poetry.

Earth to Sun = 92.96 million miles
Earth to nearest star = 4.22 light years
NYC to Dehradun, India = 11,602 kilometers


The Space Between You and Me


In my mind I watch you standing on the

far side of a crowded room;

a universe away.

Later tonight I will watch the stars

outside my window;

light years beyond my reach.

That is when I’ll long to hold you and whisper,

there is no distance as infinite as

the space between you and me.



Photo from Google Images.

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Mom Doesn’t Wear A Cape

The Lonely Author


Mom Doesn’t Wear A Cape


Mom is too busy to iron her cape
living recycled days of work, chores, repeat
While the family basks in victories
she can never accept defeat.

Mom plows on in sickness and in health
because there’s no changing of the guard
She’s forced to hold it all together
even if life is a falling house of cards.

She finally has a moment of peace
while everyone is in bed asleep
Preparing for the storms of tomorrow
in a dark lonely corner, she weeps.


“Mothers are the world’s greatest resource.” – The Lonely Author

Miss you Mom


Photo of Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman fame taken from Google Images.

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We Fell In Love In A Metaphor

The Lonely Author


We Fell In Love In A Metaphor


We met in a poem as poets often do
Cause our words opened poetic doors
As we slowly fell in love in a metaphor

This love has grown with every rhyme
As verses carry the pain and hope that
Our meters will stand the test of time

These red feelings will eclipse eternity
For long after we have turned to dust
Our love will live forever in our poetry.


This was for you N.

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another quiet muse

The mast, the spire, the minaret,

The tower, the point offocused regret…

It climbs–the ire–conspires to bind

The lungs, the heart, the womb, the mind.

Beastly, burdened, some still care to dream.

Unseemly and freely, they dance and scream

Below–below where only the dirt could know–

And laugh into the air,


-C. Green

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